Projects : Facilitating Bill Payment Using Mobile Phone Capabilities

By: Seyed Morteza Moosavi, BS Thesis, Department of Computer Engineering, July 2012.

M ost of bills have payment and bill IDs which have been stored on a barcode beside them. Nowadays an overwhelming majority of mobile phones are able to scan and read the barcodes. Also there are different ways for paying the bills by them, for instance paying through SMS and USSD. We could ease the way for settling bills by combing these capabilities. At first we describe and examine various payment methods through mobile phones then consider the human errors occur while working with Android touch keyboards. Finally give details of processes and how this developed software works. The software is developed for Android OS with following features: 1. Registration in bill payment services (only once) 2. Scanning the bills' barcodes and extracting the payment and bill IDs 3. Sending the recognized data to the bank 4. Getting password and verifying the bill amount from user.


Keywords: bill, mobile/cellular phone, SMS, USSD, mobile banking