Projects : Evaluating Power Consumption of Applications on Google Nexus One and provide a Power Model for this smartphone

By: Laleh Aghababaie, BS Thesis, Department of Computer Engineering, Jul 2012.

Due to advances in services offered by embedded systems, their energy consumption has greatly increased. One of the most widely used embedded systems is smart phones that have become part of our daily lives and provide increasingly powerful services. One of the problems that researchers have discussed about smart phones is the limitation of battery capacity. The software that runs on these systems must minimize power consumption. It is hard to design smart phones software that minimizes power consumption, so power consumption estimation of these smart phones can be very useful in developing energy-efficient software for them. In this thesis we measured the power consumption of applications and main parts of the phone with a built-in battery sensor, and developed a power consumption model for Google Nexus One. The power model produced by this thesis takes into consideration major components of the phone, namely CPU, LCD, GPS, and Audio, as well as Wi-Fi.

Keywords: Embedded systems, power model, smartphone, Google Nexus one