Projects : A Development and Testing Environment for SMS-Based Applications

By: Sina Moghaddam, BS Thesis, Department of Computer Engineering, Jun 2012.

Nowadays, by the fast growing mobile penetration rate, value added service in mobile area has become a great revenue stream for active companies and groups in mobile networks area. Value added services are non-core services in the network but they provide better and valuable services in comparison with regular services of a mobile network operator. In general, these services are beyond the voice calls services.

Among all the valued added services, short message service has been playing a great role in all of the services and applications. Consequently, it provides the most revenue for content providers. Content providers have standard platforms and network connections with the mobile network operators. These connections enable them to implement SMS-based services and applications in order to present these services to the subscribers of the mobile networks. These connections route SMS messages through the SMS Center located in the mobile network operator side. Establishment of this connection between applications and SMS center and also testing the applications has been a great concern for content and value added service providers. In this thesis, some approaches have been presented in order to solve those concerns.

First of all, the developers will be enabled to use HTTP requests in order to use SMPP protocol for establishing connection with SMS center and sending/receiving their SMS messages by Kannel Open Source SMS Gateway. Moreover, an SMPP Server has been implemented as a virtual SMS center which has the ability of testing the connection between SMS-based applications and SMS center, testing the functionality of those applications and also testing their load tolerance under the heavy load.

Keywords: Mobile Network, Value Added Service, SMS, SMS Center, Kannel SMS Gateway, SMPP Protocol