Projects : An SMS-based Status Announcement Panel for University Professors

By: Anahita Alipour, Hakime Amiri, BS Thesis, Department of Computer Engineering, Feb 2011.

It occasionally happens in universities that a student needs to see a professor for some advice or other guidance on course material or the like. University professors, on the other hand, are usually very busy during the day and may have to move among several offices or buildings in or out of the university. This is more serious for senior professors, who interestingly have usually more students under supervision, and causes inconvenience for both sides. The students do not know when the professor is available in his/her office for a visit, or whether he/she will be back soon if not at the office at that moment, and professors are unable to inform students or other visitors where they can be reached, if at all, at that time. In this project, an electronic panel is designed to install at the door of professor's office so that two-way correspondence between visitors and professor is facilitated using Short Message Service (SMS) technology without compromising the professor's privacy. Professors can then use their mobile phones to remotely announce their availability status on the panel when out of the office, and visitors can send instant messages, or put offline messages, for professors when necessary. The messages are transferred to the professor's mobile phone, and he/she can reply back, if necessary, using SMS service but without revealing his/her private phone number.

Keywords: GSM, Short Message Service, Electronic Panel, Mobile Technology